SAVAL Sp is the basic model with widest possible usage and high level of efficiency. By its overturning to the other side you get a brand new doormat (two-side usage).
SAVAL SpEx is a doormat with more pleasant structure of the stepping area that is totally suitable even for female high heels. Its utilization can be separate or in combination with the previous model. It is a more luxurious model that can be used in front of almost all public and cultural facilities, hospitals, restaurants, hotels, boutiques, shopping centres, airports, museums, art galleries, pharmacy shops, offices, and homes. It also has two-side usage.
SAVAL SpDx is a separate doormat whose construction represents a compromise between the two previous models. It has one- side usage but it also has a capacity for easy repairing and renovation of its flexible structure (rubber lamellas) that enables usability similar to that of the previous two models.
SAVAL SpTx is a doormat with 100% textile structure on a rubber pad. It is intended to collect fine dust and to additionally remove water and snow. Most commonly it is used as II or III zone of protection, or as an individual one if it is in the interior of the premises. Its height is 9mm.
SAVAL SpLx is a doormat for removal (snow, dust, soil, leaves etc). It may be in a different combination of rubber, textile and brushes, depending on what is expected to be removed at the spot of its placement. This is available strictly as I zone. Height of 25mm.
SAVAL SpMx is identical to SpDx, except that the aluminum lamellas are single and it has smaller radius of rolling and twice as much space for accepting the dirt through the channels that separate the lamellas. It is available as I, II or III zone. Height of 21-25mm.
SAVAL SpSx is almost identical to SpМx, however it is lower and it can be applied directly in tiles. According to the type of the filling, it can have ultimate height of 12-16mm. However, it is intended for lower expected people flow than SpМx.
SAVAL SpRx is the most powerful doormat for removal of solid dirt and snow, and it is applicable equally as the model Sp. Its height is 25mm.
SAVAL SpDezo is a special program of disinfectant barriers, which according to the HACCP standards, are applied in the food industry (of every type). The same may be produced in every size and may be embedded inside the floor or upgraded over the floor. Certain disinfectant is applied in a special filling inside them.The height of these mats is 25mm.
SAVAL SpNs is е нов производ - заштитна бришалка-патека изработена од висококвалитетен ПВЦ материјал ( DIN 51097 – DIN 51130 ) од -10 до +70 C кои може да се испорачува во различита ширичина во ролна со должина од мак.10 метра, или да се скрои според местото за поставување. Се применува секаде каде се сака да се обезбеди сигурно газење (базени, бањи, сауни, јахти, влезови-патеки пред јавни објекти, подлоги за работници во фабрики,автосалони, балкони и др.). Едноставни за одржување и во во многу бои и височина од 11 – 14,5 мм. Примена како бришалка од I или II зона.

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